IT Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Computrad provide a fixed Service Level Agreement (SLA) basis to ensure that you see an improvement in the availability and repair times of your service standards.

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Every CompuManage Managed IT Service and CompuSupport IT Support package will be delivered following a detailed SLA defined prior to the service start date. You can choose the SLA package which is most suited to your business and the speed at which you want IT problems to be resolved.

At Computrad, we do not believe in a one size fits all approach, so we will tailor your SLA package to perfectly match your business requirements. Below are some examples of the SLA packages that we can apply to our Managed IT Support services

CompuSupport Gold SLATicket PriorityFirst ResponseResolution PlanResolution
P115 Mins1 Hour2 Hours
P215 Mins2 Hours4 Hours
P315 Mins4 Hours8 Hours
P415 Mins12 Hours24 Hours
CompuSupport Silver SLATicket PriorityFirst ResponseResolution PlanResolution
P11 Hour2 Hours4 Hours
P21 Hour4 Hours8 Hours
P31 Hour8 Hours16 Hours
P41 Hour24 Hours48 Hours
CompuSupport Bronze SLATicket PriorityFirst ResponseResolution PlanResolution
P12 Hours4 Hours8 Hours
P22 Hours8 Hours16 Hours
P32 Hours16 Hours24 Hours
P42 Hours48 Hours72 Hours
CompuSupport Core SLATicket PriorityFirst ResponseResolution PlanResolution
P14 Hours8 Hours16 Hours
P24 Hours16 Hours32 Hours
P34 Hours24 Hours48 Hours
P44 Hours48 Hours96 Hours

Please Note - The SLA response/resolution times shown in the table are relative to business hours only and are only an estimation. For customers who want 24/7 support, a CompuManage Managed IT Service would be more appropriate

Every IT Service company will provide SLAs, but the Computrad difference is that we set a 15 Minute First Response time for all service requests for customers with the CompuSupport Gold SLA. This allows us to ensure we are delivering the best service and begin to develop a plan for resolving service tickets as soon as they come in.

Unlike the typical managed service provider, we can offer an SLA on all the applications we provide – making sure that you make the most of your IT support investment. Our SLAs also means we can offer peace of mind as well as a better service than the typical in-house IT department.

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When your network goes down, you don't just need the very best IT support, you need it now. Computrad offer industry-leading response times.

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