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The travel and tourism industry is often among the first to capitalise on new technologies. The travel and tourism industry is a fast-growing industry that requires proactive 24/7 IT support and IT solutions.

Our Managed IT solutions enable businesses to remain competitive and secure with the peace of mind, that their IT is in safe hands.

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IT managed support services in London

The successful management of e-Commerce and online channels is of great importance to the travel industry, with online sales playing a vital role for many travel and tourism businesses - so we understand how any downtime would be catastrophic to your travel agency.

The growing importance of e-commerce in the modern travel, tourism and hospitality industry has created an urgent need for reliable IT solutions. Our e-commerce background spans a number of years; acquiring extensive knowledge and experience in implementing and managing successful i-gaming e-Commerce solutions, which are similar to those that we now offer to the Travel and Tourism industry.

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Whether you're a travel agency, a hotel provider of accommodation, or involved in logistics or cargo shipping, at Computrad our team of IT and Industry experts can help keep your IT systems running efficiently and reliably.

We also offer advisory IT travel consultancy and tailor made IT solutions for the Travel and Tourism industry enabling businesseses to remain secure and productive.

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Computrad's IT Support has a proven track record of delivering premier IT support to all businesses and have supported small businesses that are expanding and ensured those businesses IT support requirements were kept always available and working reliably.

We are dynamic and flexible with our IT support and we are also able to support new technologies like virtualised desktop and cloud computing as well as legacy based technologies. Essentially Computrad can offer services to a rapidly changing businesses IT infrastructure.

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Our long history in providing IT Support and Managed IT Services to some of the world's largest organisations has given us a wide range of skills particuarly relvant to the travel and tourism industry.

Fast Response Times

When your travel website or in-house network goes down, you don't just need the very best IT support, you need it now. Computrad offer industry-leading response times.

Seamless Integration

No matter how complex your IT is, we'll provide an end-to-end solution that seamlessly integrates into your tourism companies inhouse network without disruption.

Award-Winning Service

We've been ranked within the top 5 IT support & managed service providers in Europe by MSPmentor, partner your travel and tourism company with us and you'll see why.

Perfectly Matched IT Support

We've dealt with the largest government institutions such as the US military as well some fantastic SME's and startups - whatever the size of your travel company, we're ready to keep you running.

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Managed Load Balancing

Our managed load balancing solution sends your traffic through a redundant network of load balancers, sharing out your data load between all of your servers so your travel website never goes down.

Website Anti-Scraping

Travel companies are reguarly at risk from data scraping attacks. Protect your content and brand-identity with our Full, Professional Data Scraping Protection service for travel companies.

Cloud Based DDoS Mitigation

Our cloud-based DDoS Mitigation service is a comprehensive protection solution provided from the cloud that will offer end to end attack mitigation of your travel and tourism website should you be targeted.

Onsite DDoS Mitigation

Our CPE DDoS utilises real-time detection of suspicious signatures on the network to provide protection against known threats as well as detecting and mitigating emerging threats in real time.

IT Audit

By checking your current system, we can provide a report to ensure your network is 100%

First-Line IT Support

We've got the expertses and resources to quickly resolve any IT problem, big or small.

Real Time Intelligence

Computrad’s Real Time Network Intelligence solution will allow your business to accurately identify and mitigate high level security threats embedded within web traffic.


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