IT Support Services for Mining, Prospecting, Excavation and Exploration Companies in London

Computrad offers IT support environment for remote environments including the Mining and Exploration Industries

Mining IT support involves working in difficult to access environments where its difficult to apply the benefits of technology but working in these types of harsh environments is one of our specialisms. Computrad's team have utilise their valued industry experience of working with the US military and applied some of the techniques learned from remote location IT delivery, poor communication infrastructure environments for our mining clients. Computrad apply specialist protocols acquired from our radar and satellite communication experience to support the IT needs of the mining industry methods applying Wan Acceleration. Optimisation via Quality of Service (QoS) and Caching.

IT for the mining industry is under increased pressure from various international and national regulatory bodies to ensure compliance is met. Computrad can assist the mining and exploration industry with complying with those specific regulations by applying technology solutions to enforcing process and implement best practice for the mining industry.

Mining environments need a Milspec Ruggedised IT infrastructure. This includes rapidly deployable and ruggedised server and network environments as well as equipment racks that are designed for the harsh and sometimes extreme mining environment.

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