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The recent changes in the economic environment have contributed to the growing need for high level IT Support services in the banking and finance industry.

There is a greater need for IT security and risk management as well as a higher focus on regulations and compliance, all of which our IT Support services can provide.

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Our IT Support services for financial institutions are based on the core elements of our award winning IT Support services. We will ensure that your network is running at maximum efficiency 24 hours a day, something that is invaluable in the modern financial world where firms are operating across global markets and time zones.

IT Support for the financial services sector involves working within a heavily regulated and FCA compliance mandated environment for clients who demand and expect the very best. Computrad understand this environment. Mandated regulatory requirements means that technology solutions and effective Financial Services IT Support are essential to ensure standards are met. Computrad is unique in that we have the skills sets of an IT security specialist organisation couples with end to end IT services and Support automation for the Finance sector.

Computrad can offer a unique to our Financial Services sector clients with our data centre, cloud secured hosting solutions. We are unique in that we don't work like most IT Support companies with third party externally owned datacentres because we own and operate our own 250 Rack Tier III datacentre and can offer the financial services sector their own dedicated chinese wall within our Security Operations Centre (SOC) and NOC. Keep your data available and secure in our Tier-III PCI Accredited, carrier neutral London based datacentre*

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All organisations, but even more so financial services organisations, need to meet the conditions imposed upon them by industry regulators or risk of reputational damage and fines. FCA sets compliance standards and Computrad  have the expertise to be able to implement IT Support and Solutions to ensure that all data is kept secure regardless of if it is your organisation's data or you clients. As a company that delivers IT support according to ITIL standards you can rest assured that not only do we have the experience to run an automated and streamlined IT support service for the financial services sector but also that we understand about ensuring compliance and accreditation by QSA's to PCI certification standards. Computrad staff have particular expertise in IT and cyber security for the Financial Services Sector and our solutions are designed to ensure that information management and data security standards are upheld and protected.

Computrad are based in the City of London and West London W4 and offer IT Support for Venture Capital Businesses, IT Support for Hedge Fund Businesses, IT Support for Asset Management as well as IT Support for Insurance Broker and Reinsurance Businesses.

Computrad Deliver and Often exceed their Service Level Agreement ensuring increased uptimes, efficiency and productivity for your business whilst meeting FCA and Other Regulatory Compliance Standards

  • Protect your business with regulated standard backups and Business Continuity Protection (BCP) and disaster recovery (DR) solutions.
  • Security is not just an add-on from Computrad's IT Support for Financial Services. We are serious about Security and don't just install Firewalls and Anti-Virus and then hope for the best like many typical IT Support organisations.
  • Computrad are specialist's in IT Support, Managed IT Services and IT Security for the Financial Services Sector – We focus on Endpoint Security for Financial Services, Employee and Internal Security Breaches mitigation for the Financial Services sector, DdoS Mitigation, Ransomware Mitigation, Data Leakage and Prevention (DLP), Security Information Event Management (SIEM) and Encryption solutions as well as other IT Security solutions ensuring that we don't just cover cyber attacks but cover your IT security holistically internally and externally.
  • With Computrad's Financial Services focus on IT Support and Solutions you can ensure your remote workers and BYOD policy and solutions are enforced and work for your organisation. Our compliant solutions allow increased employee productivity from anywhere globally. With Computrad you can trust in the availability and security of your securely implemented  and managed remote working solution.

*Will be live and in production within QTR 2 of 2017

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Computrad are experienced in providing IT support for Hedge Funds and Hedge Fund Managers, IT Support for Venture Capitalist and IT Support for the the Financial Services industries.

Our engineers are used to working within a regulatory and compliance led environment as well as the high frequency trading environment (HFT). We support HFT clients in the online betting and sportsbook environment where we also specialise and we have translated the same methods, techniques and skills including managing multiple real time mission critical feeds and being accelerated. We understand for Hedge Funds latency and delays means money and therefore our HFT IT Solutions and IT support is designed around mitigating that for your business.

Computrad are committed to ensuring we support the growth and success of your business and understand and deliver on all of your IT strategy, operational and support needs. Our IT support services are bespoked specifically for your requirements.

We offer a package for your Hedge Fund IT Support that that fits your needs, from desktop and laptop IT support to  Server and Datacentre Support to an end-to- end IT, Voice and Data fully comprehensive outsourced solution.

We work with several data feed suppliers including  BeauchampTradar Monis and Xenomorph.

Computrad's IT support can offer you follow the sun 24/7/365 IT support via our US and Asian Offices.

Our mission is to relieve Hedge Fund managers of their IT support burden to enable them to focus on their business and client's and their investment portfolios.

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