IT Support for Oil, Gas and Energy companies

At a basic level, IT Support services are critical for the Oil, Gas and energy sector for the same reasons other industries need IT support, to keep their business running smoothly in the event of an IT disaster and to minimise the revenue losses that can be caused by IT failure. On top of this there are many specific elements of IT Support that can be particularly useful for companies in the energy trade.

Stable IT systems have always been high on the priority list for Oil, Gas and Energy companies due to the high dependence that their day to day operations have on computer systems. This need was highlighted further in the aftermath of the Stuxnet attack in which critical plant control systems were affected by serious IT problems and very nearly caused disaster.

The fact that the data that is exchanged over IT Networks within Oil, Gas and Energy companies can potentially be worth millions of pounds is another reason why stable and secure IT systems are absolutely vital for companies in this sector.

Computrad will provide you with an IT Support service that will help to get the most from your existing IT and give you the confidence that you can rely on it to perform 100% of the time. This will allow your Energy firm to worry less about your IT systems and the problems that can arise with them and more about running your business and generating profits.

Benefits of IT Support for energy companies

  • Data is commercially sensitive – Needs to be kept secure
  • Maximise revenue with well managed IT systems
  • Failure of plant control systems could be devastating – Our IT Support service will ensure they are functioning correctly
  • Email services will be 100% secure and properly managed to ensure the safety of your sensitive competitive information

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