IT Support for Multinational Organisations London, UK

IT Support for Large Enterprises and Multinational International Organisations

24/7/365 Pro-Active IT Support for Enterprised, Multinational organisations

Computrad are a London-based IT Support company providing a wide range of network solutions for enterprise-sized customers in all kinds of industries, from car manufacturers to eGaming companies to the US Military, the world’s biggest IT spender. At Computrad, we tailor our services to suit you, the customer – we’ll manage your entire IT provision and assist your existing IT staff in routine maintenance.

Our comprehensive network management IT support package includes Cisco management, server management, network device backup and recovery, and much more. It includes all the features of our server management package like server optimization, drive space management, server application administration, print server management and recovery in as little as two hours.

IT Support for Multinational Organisations
IT Support for Multinational Organisations

Quality IT support, 24/7/365

And it also includes all the features of our desktop management package such as Citrix IT support, online asset management, spyware/adware protection, Microsoft patch management, workstation backup and recovery, unlimited telephone helpdesk support, unlimited remote support and unlimited on-site IT support, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

We know that you need your IT to run as smoothly as possible – the smallest of IT problems can stop your staff from achieving their targets. In the majority of cases, we can fix the problems you report quickly via remote support; if your problems need more in-depth investigation, we’ll send out our on-site engineers, for the fastest, most efficient and professional resolution to your issue.

Reduce your IT costs

We’re determined to impress our customers – not just with our speed and efficiency, but also with the expert knowledge and professionalism of our staff. We’ll keep you updated, and we’ll reduce your IT costs by a large percentage within the first year of working together.

You don’t need to wait 'til its too late

Thanks to our proactive monitoring and resolution, there’s no need to wait for your IT to fail before it’s fixed. By that time, it’s too late. Your staff have lost their work, they’re prevented from working effectively and achieving their targets; productivity drops through the floor. And of course, your traditional IT support provider is raking in more profits the more problems you have. In their eyes, the longer they take to fix your kit, the better. Unlike the others, at Computrad we do everything we can to make sure your network runs smoothly in the first place.

With our Managed Services, you’ll benefit from some of the quickest response times in the industry, and our remote helpdesk provides a near instant response, with our qualified engineers ready to take your call.

IT Support for Multinational Organisations
IT Support for Multinational Organisations

Qualified IT support professionals

Our team can provide a wide range of in-house technical knowledge when it comes to the reliability, security and performance of network architectures and infrastructures. Our engineers not only hold vendor certifications and accreditations of all our best of breed technology partners, but as a team have many years' experience in your chosen solution, from design, deployment, assessment to support.

As well as providing all of the above, you can also utilise the wealth of experience and expertise that our consultants have to offer.

Our IT support staff are available for quick advice as well as long term project involvement, where they can act as an advisor or work directly on your project.

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