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As the Only Infrastructure and services partner for the US Department of Defence in Europe Computrad have developed skills in-house that were previously unknown to the commercial market, thus keeping our clients one step ahead of the competition all the time.

Computrad are the only focused iGaming infrastructure specialist in the market sitting in a unique market space between a hosting provider and the software platform. Traditional hosting companies simply provide space and connectivity in a datacentre, whilst software platform vendors just provide the software with no regard to how it will perform optimally in the datacentre environment. Computrad optimise the datacentre environment and the software platform to enable a faster website response time for players, accelerate the software platform application and reduce credit card fraud with our unique solutions. Computrad have over five years of experience in delivering and designing remote gaming solutions for the largest global iGaming operators, and have helped new start-ups become some of the largest iGaming operators in Europe in a very short time.

Online Gambling DDoS Protection
Online Gambling DDoS Protection

What We Do

Delivering the Premium Player Experience

Computrad are the only specialist iGaming infrastructure provider whose infrastructure solutions are highly scalable, available and will enable operators to outperform competition, ensuring increased brand reputation, player retention and increased betting play spend per second.

Computrad aim is to help you provide your players with the best website gaming response possible whilst increasing the operator's profitability and revenue all of which will lead to increased market share for the operator. Computrad solutions ensure the operator website is always online - all the time. This is achieved by mitigating DDoS attacks on websites, Redundancy and High Availability, Load Balancing Traffic, Latency Reduction and Securing and Speeding up Betting Plays. All our infrastructure solutions comply with Jurisdiction specific requirements whether you are a new operator or an existing operator we have a solution ready to help you gain a foothold or increase your market share if you are an existing operator.


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