Radware Inflight - Collect RealTime Information from your Network

Radware Inflight

Collect real time, usable information from your network infrastructure

Computrad utilise Radware Inflight technology to provide a full proactive monitoring solution

Radware inflight is a top level network based monitoring solution that will capture all user based transactions coming from network traffic and deliver live, “real time” information.

The Inflight technology allows organisations to identify potential security threats which are embedded into the online transactions which drive their business. The system will respond instantly, inputting information on these threats directly into a database or analytics solution.

Radware Inflight - Collect RealTime Information from your Network
Radware Inflight - Collect RealTime Information from your Network

The Technology

Radware Inflight combines several tools to transform live internet traffic into useful intelligence which can be used to combat security threats.

  • Powerful user programmable parser – Capable of extracting useful business intelligence from an online session or transaction
  • Complex Event Processing (CEP) Engine – This is used to process the information collected in real time allowing the tracking of browsing patterns, including both time and sequence based patterns
  • Wide Variety of Feeds – Inflight can communicate with, and transmit information to most 3rd party analytical systems and reporting tools

Benefits of Radware Inflight

The unique style of the Radware Inflight technology allows it to increase the usefulness of any independent transaction monitoring, as well as providing the following standalone benefits:

  • Extremely sophisticated monitoring solution
  • Separation of monitoring from development of web applications
  • Seamless integration into current network. No network configuration changes required
  • Lowers staging and testing cycle of new applications
  • Eliminates website downtime coming from security threats
  • Faster application rollout

Radware Inflight also provides a powerful platform for extracting high quality information from all online interactions, satisfying a variety of business needs:

  • Secures online operations against threats with anti fraud solutions
  • Complies with current standards by logging transactions in real time
  • Allows full monitoring of web applications
  • Allows real time marketing campaigns to be launched using the intelligence collected
Radware Inflight - Collect RealTime Information from your Network

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