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Perimeter Firewall Solutions in London

A perimeter firewall should be seen as an essential element of any modern business network. It will act as the first line of defence against the evolving IT security threats that businesses face today.

The Computrad Perimeter Firewall utilises the latest generation CPUs to deliver state of the art protection solutions against highly targeted network attacks, without creating a network bottleneck and therefore keeping legitimate traffic flowing.

There are a number of options available to you and we will work with you to develop the security solution that exactly matches your requirements, from high performance perimeter firewall to a fully loaded UTM equipped device. Every form of the solution will deliver high speed protection, super-low latency ratings and scalability that is unmatched with other firewall platforms.

Perimeter Firewall Solutions in London, UK
Perimeter Firewall Solutions in London, UK

The technical specifications:

  • Fastest firewall appliance available on the market
  • 160GBPS Throughput and 40G QSFP Ports
  • Firewall Chassis with 520 GBPS throughput
  • 5x more threat protection than standard firewalls
  • Very High Switch Port Density
  • 100% Cloud Compatible

For more information about our Permiter Firewall solution, contact us today.

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