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Full Network Attack Mitigation solutions in London

Computrad Full Attack Mitigation is a state of the art real time network security suite that can be deployed both physically and as a cloud based system. It can also be deployed as combination of both as per the network requirements.

The Full Attack Mitigation solution consists of a set of technologies providing the most advanced Real time monitoring and protection against the ever-changing security threats that are present in today’s online focused business environment.

Full Network Attack Mitigation in London, UK

The Computrad Full Attack mitigation solution consists of:

  • DDoS Protection
  • Network Behaviour Analysis
  • Intrusion Prevention (IPS)
  • A full reputation engine
  • Web Application Firewall

Providing complete protection against:

  • Application Downtime
  • Application Vulnerability
  • DDoS Attacks
  • Exploitation of key services
  • Malware
  • Information Theft
  • Web Application attacks
  • Web Defacement
Full Network Attack Mitigation in London, UK

Most attack mitigation services have a limited reach based on where they are deployed on your company network, meaning that you can never really get 100% coverage with a traditional solution.

The Computrad Full Attack mitigation solution is unique due to the fact that is extends coverage beyond the area of deployment (Usually the data centre) to enable the delivery of secure cloud hosted services and full protection for your business tools and mission critical applications against today’s ever evolving security threats.

Computrad Full attack mitigation is the perfect solution for businesses looking for an industry leading IT Security solution to cover every eventuality.

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