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Cloud Based DDoS Mitigation in London

Computrad cloud based DDoS Mitigation is a comprehensive protection solution provided from the cloud that will offer end to end attack mitigation.

As with Computrad’s CPE based DDoS mitigation solution, the system will utilise real time network monitoring and traffic analysis to mitigate DDoS threats as and when they occur, minimising the effect on the network therefore keeping systems available.

Due to the fact the solution is cloud hosted, it will provide real time end to end DDoS Mitigation of both cloud based services and physical services through Volumetric threat detection and internet pipe saturation defences. The solution will allow the mitigation of both full application attacks and low and slow attacks providing a complete, real time protection solution for business networks.


Computrad Cloud Based DDoS key features:

  • Protection against High Volume DDoS Attacks
  • Protection against Flood attacks
  • No impact on legitimate traffic
  • Engine to accelerate detection of traffic signals
  • Real time network monitoring

Computrad cloud based DDoS Mitigation is perfect for businesses looking for a unique, end to end mitigation solution. Contact us today to find out more about this service.

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