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Two thirds of large UK businesses are hit by Cyber breach or attack in the past year.

Following recent research, the UK government, department for Culture, Media & Sport and MP, Ed Vaizey have issued a press release for Britain’s businesses informing them of the importance of protecting themselves from Cyber Crime.

Almost seven out of ten firms are being attack by viruses, spyware and malware.

What is the impact?

The Main report on Cyber Security Breaches – May 2016.

This report has been put together by the MORI Social Research Institute and the Institute for Criminal Justice Studies, University of Portsmouth

This report is an in depth look into Cyber Security and the UK business economy.

Some of the key findings are;

  • Cyber security breaches affect all kinds of businesses and the costs can be substantial.
  • 65% of large businesses detected a security breach OR ATTACK IN THE last year
  • 69% of businesses say that cyber security is a high priory for senior managers – yet only 5% of these have followed the government recommendations against cyber-crime.

The report also discusses cloud and BYOD security.

The UK Government has released a valuable document outlining ‘What Small businesses need to know about Cyber Security.

The UK Government has released a valuable document outlining ‘What Small businesses need to know about Cyber Security.

You can keep your business safe and protect against online threats by putting some simple measures in place.

This paper includes details relating to planning, implementing and reviewing security measures.

The UK Cyber Security Strategy 2011-2016 Annual Report

Between 2011 and 2016, the Government funded a National Cyber Security Programme of £860 million to deliver the 2011 National Cyber Security Strategy. The Prgramme aimed to:

  • Tackle Cyber Crime and make the UK one of the most secure places in the world to do business in cyberspace.
  • Make the UK more resilient to Cyber Attack and better able to protect our interests in cyberspace.
  • Help shape an open, vibrant and stable cyberspace that supports open societies and
  • Build the UK's cyber security knowledge, skills and capability.

What was put in place, and was it a success? Find out here

A brief Infographic on 2016 Business security breaches

This Infographic provides useful stats on breaches including;

  • 3 Million is the most expensive breach that was identified
  • £36,500 is the average cost of a security breach to a large company

10 steps to Cyber Security

This infographic helps you to understand what is needed in order to protect your business from online cyber threats.

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