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We host a number of essential high-calibre conferences, web-seminars and interactive events in London aimed towards Business owners, Entrepreneurs, directors and IT and Finance professionals who want to gain more insight into how technology can help their business to grow. Topics include; Cyber Security, Cloud for Business and IT Industry Insight.

Please note that these events are via invite only.

If you would like to register your interest in our events to receive special invitations, please fill in the form to be contacted by a member of the events team.

Upcoming Events 2016/17

Exclusive Event for members at Chiswick Business Park – IT Insight & Knowledge

In November we are holding an interactive ‘networking’ event for those who use the Chiswick Business Park

The aim of this event is to provide IT knowledge to our ‘neighbours.’

We present a brief presentation on the importance of ‘Good IT,’ and we touch upon cloud and security.

This is an interactive event where we allow all sorts of technical questions.

Those who attend are offered a Complimentary Business Assessment.

Security for your Business – Finance, Private Equity.

The financial services sector is a high value target for hackers and always at risk and under attack. It is crucial to ensure that effective security in place.

This ‘Security for your Business – Finance, Private Equity,’ event is aimed towards businesses in the finance industry and/or finance professionals who are keen to understand the Cyber security risks within this sector and ways to minimise the risk.

Core areas covered are:

  • Guide to Cyber security for those in Finance
  • IT Security Private Equity Risks
  • Managing data privacy and cyber security risks for private equity funds
  • Understanding the top-rated security options that are available to the Finance Industry backed by the latest threat intelligence
  • A brief on the specific Fortinet Solutions for the Financial Services Industry

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