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Radware Alteon load balancer and ADC

The most comprehensive ADC Solution

Radware Alteon provides a sophisticated ADC platform designed to allow faultless application delivery. The system is equipped with top of the range application acceleration functions, an advanced load balancer and a layer 7 application delivery modification tool.

In addition to holding a position as the leading system of its type, Radware Alteon is also leading the way in ADC Virtualisation, the new approach being adopted in application delivery. It achieves this with the ADC-VX, the industry’s only ADC virtualisation platform which operates using a specially developed ADC hypervisor.

Managed APT Prevention in London, UK
Managed APT Prevention in London, UK

Integrated Application Delivery with FastView

Radware’s industry leading FastView acceleration technology adds Web Performance Optimisation (WPO) functionality to the already impressive ADC feature set. This allows the system to deliver the fastest response time from web applications and ensure you meet your application SLA’s.

Utilising this technology will allow you to maximise revenue from your web applications due higher page views, increased customer loyalty and improved internal productivity.

As an example, if the Alteon ADC was deployed with Microsoft SharePoint, the user could expect to see an increase in the response time of the SharePoint application by 350% and a decrease in the CPU load by 40%.

Key Features

  • Smart Health Monitoring and Failure Detection
  • Indentifies Failure at any point in the Application Path
  • Prevents Application session destruction
  • Ensures transaction completion
  • HTTP Modifications
  • Real Time Traffic Redirection
  • IPv6 Network Support
  • Global Load Balancing

Performance Acceleration

  • Faster web application response time
  • Optimised IT Infrastructure through server offloading
  • Maximise bandwidth usage
  • Aligns bandwidth to meet business objectives
  • Guarantees bandwidth allocation for latency sensitive applications
  • Provides admin with the necessary tools to operate bandwidth management

Application Delivery

  • State of the art hardware
  • Manage services to meet changing application requirements
  • Enables visibility across the entire network
  • Simplified application operation
  • Advanced application performance monitoring
  • Standard ADC hardware platform
Managed APT Prevention in London, UK

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