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Proactive Network Monitoring In London

Be alerted to network issues before your users become aware of them

Most of Computrad’s clients choose our network monitoring service for one simple reason. Clients find that it is non-intrusive and reduces data loss, fault resolution times and ultimately increases network uptime. Constant monitoring of your network allows you to track trends which aid tracking of intermittent faults and then correcting them. Network monitoring has paid for itself many times over in reduced disruption and data loss, faster fault identification and fixing; and the ability to track network performance and plan accordingly.

Office 365 Support In London
Office 365 Support In London

24 Hour Network Monitoring You Can Always Rely On

The proactive monitoring service includes three core elements:

  1. A daily morning safety check
  2. A continual and constantly recurring check of all your network’s critical elements every 5 minutes
  3. A 10-minute SLA response alert for your staff and our engineers.

In Summary

What the package includes:

  • Business-defined mission-critical data is being backed up
  • Your email is working optimally
  • CPU utilisation, RAM and hard disks are operating within healthy parameters
  • Antivirus software is patched regularly and kept up to date as and when releases are made available
  • Servers are kept optimised and so have longer uptime and less disruption to employees
  • Event log and management of critical issues are monitored so action can be taken for any potential problems which can be dealt with accordingly
Office 365 Support In London

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