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Managed ADC and Load Balancing Solutions in London

Servers maintained at optimum performance to enable constant access to vital data

Our managed load balancing solution sends your traffic through a redundant network of load balancers, sharing out your data load between all of your servers. And if one of your servers should fail, the others take on its work – so your users never find your website down or your services offline. Managed load balancing provides the ultimate availability.

As well as managing and maintaining your load balancing services, connectivity and hardware, Computrad provide 24/7/365 support from our fully trained certified IT experts.

Computrad's managed load balancing service can progress your IT systems towards:

  • More availability and more redundancy – servers are immediately taken offline whenever they fail a health check, so you can provide more FTP, HTTP and SSL services.
  • A Scalable web presence – match demand with easy insertion and removal of servers from the server farm.
  • An Online Capacity increase – more cusomters connect to your application with our “fewest sessions” algorithm.

Computrad also provide Advanced Load Balancing, Content Switching, GSLB and SSL Offload services

Managed Load Balancing Solutions in London, UK
Managed Load Balancing Solutions in London, UK

How Load Balancing Works Load Balancing Works

Your growing business needs a solution that grows in harmony with your success. As today’s content-heavy, web-based applications often use more power than a single server can provide, high traffic, secure transactions and countless other factors can all contribute to slow response times and server lag.

How it works

  • The application being load-balanced is given a virtual IP address
  • Any requests to the virtual IP address are processsed by your Computrad load balancing service
  • The load balancer checks to see if the real, non-virtual, IP addresses on your servers are available for use
  • The load balancer splits the requests between the servers that are available.

Ensure Application and Network Security

Ensure web application security with native intelligence to protect against application threats and DoS attacks, integrated XML security to protect all Web 2.0 applications and strong authorisation controls to permit only sanctioned access to sensitive information.

Business Continuity & DR

Load balancing ensures application uptime and no single point of failure by directing users only to the right application resource. GSLB load balancing ensures that applications are always available to all users worldwide, overcoming downtime common during outages and disasters. Fully redundant deployments also ensure high availability.

Managed Load Balancing Solutions in London, UK
Managed Load Balancing Solutions in London, UK

In Summary

What the package includes:

  • Lowering of Server workload by dividing traffic between many servers
  • Increased application availability
  • Increased maximum capacity
  • Increased Scalability
  • Optimisation of current resources
  • Response time improvement plan

This is achieved by a combination of:

  • Technical support and consulting
  • Full integration of your load balancing service
  • Monitoring and maintaining the service across your entire IT infrastructure

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