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Managed Firewall and Managed Cyber Security Services in London

Professionally managed Firewalls with regular patching and proactive alerts

Engaging Computrad to manage your firewall services will release your IT staff from the burden of the routine maintenance and management of your firewall, enabling them to utilise their time more effectively, working on their core competencies are other high-priority duties.

Security requires expertise across the entire life of the project if you are to gain the full benefit. Computrad provides full end to end integration services from consulting, planning, design, project management builds and implementation.

Computrad also provide sophisticated Application Aware Firewall Services.

Managed Firewall Services in London, UK
Managed Firewall Services in London, UK

The New Age of Online Security

Online attacks are constantly growing in number and complexity and organisations must have advanced security systems in place in order to function effectively.

Computrad’s managed firewall services can help minimise the risks. We supply and configure your new firewall to meet your needs and our fully qualified, experienced IT engineers will manage it on your behalf. Your firewall will be profesionally managed and maintained twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year.

Throughout the process of providing a managed firewall, we consider it our responsibility to provide you with the expertise and services to keep data 100% secure. Many of our customers consider their Computrad managed firewall service a vital component of not just their IT systems, but thier operations as a whole.

In Summary

What the package includes:

  • Customisation of your managed firewall services to suit your needs
  • Allows your IT staff to utilise their time more effectively
  • We provide remote access to your firewall’s performance reports
  • We provide 24/7/365 maintenance and monitoring by our fully qualified IT professionals
  • We pre-configure your firewall for efficient installation
  • Fully secure VPN connectivity
  • Your own online customer interface
  • We provide service level agreements to ensure you receive the highest quality service
Managed Firewall Services in London, UK

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