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Small businesses will often have no IT management in place at all, and usually this is reflected in the many IT problems which can occur.

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IT managed support services in London

If your business has no-one in place who wants to manage your IT, or if the people who do lack the required IT knowledge or time, you have no option but to rely on an outside source.

Some business managers enlist the help of an associate or friend to manage their company’s IT systems. This is an unpredictable situation and there are many problems which could arise, examples include:

  • The person no longer has the time provide their help
  • The person does not have the necessary expertise but is being allowed to manage the network as they are a friend and ultimately cause more damage than good.
  • IT systems crash when the person is unavailable
  • You expand your business and the person no longer has the knowledge required to provide IT Support

In this situation, the recommendation is that businesses take up our fully managed IT services to provide ongoing IT management and support. However, in situations where a business wants to keep the person that was helping them involved, we will look to produce a managed IT services program that works alongside them.

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As Award-winning providers of IT Support and Managed IT Services in London with a reputation for trust and reliability, Computrad is the first choice for businesses of all sizes seeking cost-effective IT support they can rely on.

Knowing you have good IT support in place is essential to your business. Businesses today need IT in order to operate effectively. If your IT goes down and you are not able to get it fixed quickly, you can damage your customer relations, lose orders and potentially tarnish your reputation.

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When your network goes down, you don't just need the very best IT support, you need it now. Computrad offer industry-leading response times.

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No matter how complex your IT is, we'll provide an end-to-end solution that seamlessly integrates into your network without disruption.

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We've been ranked within the top 5 IT support & managed service providers in Europe by MSPmentor, work with us and you'll see why.

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We've dealt with the largest government institutions such as the US military as well some fantastic SME's and startups - whatever your size, we're ready.

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