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Perimeter Firewall Solutions in London

Most organisations have a perimeter firewall since it needs to be along with antivirus solutions one of the main defences to threats to their systems. Computrad offer Firewalls from several vendors such as Fortinet  and Palo Alto as well as Cisco.

Traditionally firewalls were great for supporting strong user authentication, enforcing security policies, and logging internetwork activity. Organisations need firewalls as part of their first line of defence enabling security decisions to be made and to protect users on the internal network from external attacks. Firewalls however cannot offer protection for users internally within an organisation's network that connect to the Internet without going through the company firewall. Any user obtaining access to the internet not using the company's infrastructure ends up being potentially exposed to attacks. Firewalls also offer limited protection against unknown attacks or threats such as malware or Trojans, but can successfully complement antivirus solutions by dynamically setting new rules based on observed malware behaviour.

Computrad's offering for perimeter firewalls needs to be recognised as the first line of defence but cannot simply be viewed as a holistic solution to an organisation's security.


Perimeter Firewall Solutions in London, UK
Perimeter Firewall Solutions in London, UK

Computrad can assist with a holistic security solution via a number of options including but not limited to SIEM solutions, Endpoint Protection, 2FA, Intrusion Prevention and DdoS Mitigation for ecommerce businesses and commercially sensitive potential targets. Computrad are available and specialise in working with you to develop a security solution that meets your requirements, from high performance perimeter firewall to a fully loaded UTM equipped device to Malware and Ransomware Mitigation Solutions. Every one of our solution ensure that we deliver you a security policy that meets your requirements.

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