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Managed Content Delivery in London

Offers reduced costs while enhancing new revenue streams by expanding web operations

Our Managed Content Delivery service will ensure that data is transferred quickly and securely - the main benefits include:

  • Increased control over your applications and the way in which they’re delivered
  • Optimized delivery of your applications, providing faster performance
  • Our Akamai content delivery platform can easily handle peak usage
  • You’ll lessen the burden on your IT, and there’s no additional hardware
Managed Content Delivery in London, UK
Managed Content Delivery in London, UK

The Akamai Platform

As your business becomes ever more reliant on the web, you need to know you can deliver content, products and services quickly and easily to a worldwide user base – one that could include customers, business partners, suppliers and your own employees.

Your users’ requests and resulting application responses from your origin server are sent over the Akamai platform. With over 84,000 servers in 72 countries, it’s the world’s largest fault-tolerant network. Using route opimisation, we find the fastest and most reliable path to your server and retrieve the application content, optimising server communication, improving performance and maintaining application security with our access control service throughout the entire procedure.

In Summary

What the package includes:

  • Dynamic mapping
  • Dynamic routing
  • Compression
  • Caching and pre-fetching
  • Connection/TCP optimization
  • Access control
Managed Content Delivery in London, UK

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