Why cheap IT support isn’t good IT support.

computradcIT is an expensive business, and the technology involved generally does not come cheap. Whilst it is inevitable business managers will prefer to save money where possible, cutting corners on such a high-cost, essential element of the business is rarely recommended. For many businesses their IT system is the backbone of their operations – lose it, and the business completely out of action. For ecommerce businesses, downtime on an online retail outlet can result in a loss of revenue and customers; for many office-based businesses, an internet outage means things to grind to a halt. More often than not, it is worth paying more just to ensure a level of cover that will keep the business running at the highest level possible and with the lowest risk of downtime, as well as having the fastest response times possible. Cheaper IT support options are unlikely to provide all the facilities that more expensive options will, so it’s worth spending time comparing all the options and examining your business needs before making a choice, as you may be losing out on some of the essentials by opting for a budget provider or fewer coverage options. For IT support which also supplies replacement parts, the price paid may also be reflected in the quality of supplies, as well as the speed of service – Managers may well be waiting for days, rather than hours, for an essential piece of hardware to be replaced, only to find the replacement to be substandard, or for the technician to be unqualified for the job. It is unfortunate that it’s so expensive to get the level of IT support that businesses really need to survive, but this is a cost that many businesses anticipate, and calculate into their finances from the start. Business managers should be ready to stretch their budget from the outset to allow for adequate IT support measures, or risk obstructing their operations and growth and leaving their business susceptible to disruptions. For businesses that truly cannot justify spending more than the minimum on IT support, it is worth regularly reviewing the support that is being received, be this every three months, six months, or once a year, and comparing it to the other options on the market. There may come a point where business managers find their requirements are not being fulfilled, but also when the business’s revenue has increased and managers are able to spend more on essential IT support. It is important for business managers to also consider not just where the company is now, but where it could be with more advanced technological resources – At the end of the day, it takes money to make money!

Jake Simpson

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