What is a VPN and what can it do for business’s?

Do you need accessibility to your network from any place at any time?

If so, then Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s) could be your new best friend. Gone are the days of standard Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity being restricted to a geographical location, with schools and companies left able to access the network only if on the premises. VPN’s make so much possible where it once was not.

Virtual Private Networks work by establishing point-to-point connections between the network and its roaming users, or through traffic encryption or virtual tunnelling protocols, and allows secure and fast access to the network regardless of location or distance. Not only is it good news for the individual user, for whom online transactions and sensitive information can be more closely protected in a Virtual Private Network, but it’s great for businesses too! Employees and associates can be freed of the geographical restrictions of a Wide Area Network, allowing limitless connectivity and increased working flexibility.

The primary advantages of Virtual Private Networks are the increased security of online activity combined with the flexibility of an easily accessible network and shared data. It  also enables secure access to corporate intranet while away from work premises, as well as allowing anonymous online appearance at any location, which is useful for the travelling professional to upkeep a stable vpnpresence, or for accessing data restricted to geographical locations. Variants on the standard Virtual Private Network are also available to tackle issues with broadcast domains, which are not usually supported by VPN’s.

As with all technology, there are some challenges to using Virtual Private Networks. The two most common are that enabled port forwarding can allow hackers to view network users’ IP addresses and broadcast domains are not always supported by regular VPN’s, but this is countered by VPN variants designed to overcome this issue.

You’ll be pleased to hear that Virtual Private Network services are amazingly affordable, with the majority of top-rated providers charging just a few pounds a month. Considering that one of the huge cost of privately leased lines was one of the reasons VPN’s came into being, the affordability of the service is a major draw.

Whether you aim to send employees on business trips around the globe, receive data from students nationwide, or just watch the US titles on Netflix from the UK, Virtual Private Network services are a highly affordable little must-have that offer flexibility and peace of mind in a world where online security is of increasing concern.

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