Top 5 smartphones for business use.

We’ve put together our five top picks for business smartphones

We used to work on our smartphones only when we had to, but the sheer power and wonderfully designed productivity software available on modern smartphones is turning the experience from a hassle to a delight.

Samsung Galaxy S6s6

This one might be the best overall pick, with an 8 core processor and 3GB of RAM providing all the power you’ll need while a metal chassis and glass back makes for great build quality.

The Galaxy S6 has a big HD screen and a proper fingerprint reader for enhanced security. There’s also split-screen multitasking and S Finder, which works much like Apple’s Finder to locate apps and data. The best feature may be its level of security: Samsung’s security offering Knox can be accessed by large businesses through Knox Enterprise Mobility Mangament suite, providing all kinds of features to assist in the deployment and management of company-owned devices. My Knox is more generally useful, providing a secure working environment separate from your personal apps and information.

For those who regularly handle sensitive data, My Knox lets you remotely lock your phone, locate it using GPS and if necessary remotely wipe all data.

Blackberry passport:

This phone boasts a 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and 3GB of RAM, a respectable amount of volatile memory for a mid-range laptop. There’s also32GB Blackberry passportof storage on-device with a microSD slot letting a user expand to over a hundred gigs. The device runs on Blackberry 10 OS, featuring excellent messaging handling for clear communication. IT departments can take advantage of Blackberry Enterprise Service 10, with Blackberry providing full encryption for all emails and other messages. Blackberry Balance allows you to maintain properly separate work and personal profiles on the device.

The Blackberry Passport is very, very square; the 4.5in screen has an almost totally unique 1:1 ratio, and fits 60 rather than the usual 40 characters to a line. The principle is that spreadsheets, office documents, presentations, full-scale webpages and ebooks display better – according to Blackberry – in 1:1.

Iphone 6s Plus:Iphone 6s Plus

For those who love the design and intuitiveness of Apple products, the iPhone 6s Plus provides a realistic option for business users who need real power and productivity out of their mobile device. Inside, the 6s Plus packs a dual-core 1.84GHz processor and 2GB of RAM. With great battery life, the phone will easily run for 8 hours of use while Low Power Mode can squeeze out another hour.

With a huge 5.5in 1080p display there’s enough space to get real work done, and you can doubletap the home button to pull the screen down halfway reach the top more easily. There’s both an improved keyboard with quicker cut and paste, and a Siri with better context understanding. Some of the handiest time-saving features are introduced with 3D Touch, a pressure sensitive system which allows you to e.g. hard-press emails in your inbox to see a preview, then swipe left right or up to flag red, trash or respond. Hard-pressing weblinks also gives a preview.

Nokia Lumia 1520:

If your business, as so many are, is already heavily invested in Microsoft’s products and services, then a Windows phone is probably the best way to go. This powerhouse of a phone packs a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor Nokia Lumia 1520and 2GB of RAM, sitting at the top of the Windows Phone 8 range.

It’s a big phone, with enough to space to perform almost any task. The new and improved Word Flow keyboard does what it says on the tin, increasing ease and efficiency while typing. Feature-wise, one of the biggest draws is access to the entire MS-Office suite. With enough power to handle the apps and a big enough screen to work on, using the Lumia 1520 feels a lot more like using a workstation to execute tasks effectively than using a mobile device because you have to.

Google Nexus 6P:Google Nexus 6P

Beautifully uncluttered and running on Android with an 8-core processor and 32GB built-in memory, the Nexus offers a bunch of extremely useful app solutions business users within the high-freedom, open-source environment of Android. As with the new Siri, the personal assistant – Google Now – has a much better understanding of context. Overall the device is lightning fast and finally includes a reliable fingerprint reader. The smooth multi-tasking of Marshmallow (Android OS 6.0.1) makes for great productivity.

Battery life on this device is truly stunning, making it the best option for field workers and for long business trips: over 12 hours of operational use are available. For all-round performance, this is one of the few smaller Android devices which can function as a proper mobile workstation.

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