The IT Giant of London

The steady growth of start-ups in United Kingdom is responsible for the technological innovation and high levels of investment. IT (Information Technology) the two magical words that made it all possible which is practiced in all of United Kingdom in both small and large metropolises. In London the scope and practice of IT sector is as immense as the metropolis itself. IT has become the mainstay of recent business operations.

What are the areas of IT in London?

• Applications Development
• Computer Forensics
• Content Management
• Cyber Security and Risk Management
• Data Analysis and Analytics
• Games Development
• Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
• Hardware Engineering
• Information Management
• IT consultancy – Business and Technical
• IT Sales
• Multimedia Programming
• Software Engineering – Designing, Building, Developing, Testing
• Systems/Network Management
• Technical Support
• Telecommunications
• Web Design/Development
On top of providing secure business network accesses and convenient business operations nearly 600,000 people are now employed in technology in London as quoted by the organization’s annual report. The Tech City’s report claimed the sector in London grew by 16.6% between 2009 and 2012, while the number of digital and tech companies in London grew by an astounding percentage of 76% from 49,969 to 88,215. Given below is the strategic plan of London for Information Technology Services (ITS)

London Strategic Plan for (ITS)

Activities Services
Network Services Configures, manages and provides support for all networking, video and voice related services and equipment. Monitors the network for connectivity, security and performance by taking appropriate actions based on received information Responsible for the connectivity across 80 facilities and over 5,000 end user devices. Manages a system of fiber optic cabling over 20km in length including 230 network switches and routers.
Hardware Services Provides fast and reliable customer support to City employees servicing desktop computers, laptops, tablets, printers Etc. The team also manages the ongoing computer leasing program and works closely with Service Areas to ensure hardware needs are met Supports and provides direction on over 3,000 technological devices. As a Hewlett-Packard (HP) Self Maintainer, HP provides $ 5,000 for expert ITS staff to troubleshoot and maintain HP hardware.
Core Systems Manages and supports all core systems: servers, storage, backup, desktop operating systems, and others. Ensures that all City of London applications and technologies have a stable platform from which business can be transacted. Governs, maintains and is responsible for the recovery of 45 physical servers and 250 virtualized servers. Manages and protects almost 400 terabytes of storage. Roughly 26 times the size of all the catalogued books in the U.S. Library of Congress.
Application Development Custom software solutions developed by City of London employees are the primary contribution of the development team. The team also provides web server administration to the City and associated partners. Supports 500 distinct solutions. Supports 23 websites and 7 web servers.

The London IT support system has a sustainable infrastructure and a caring community. It provides efficient delivery of services consisting of a strong, up-to-date infrastructure with enormous capability. It aims to ensure the city has a foundation to meet the best business demands.


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