The changing face of IT Security for Small Businesses

IT Security for Small Businesses

With the growing trend of sophisticated and highly planned IT security breaches, it is important for small businesses to realise that they are in danger of being compromised every single day.

Traditional IT security techniques are becoming outdated and more exhaustive IT security methods are now required. The new approach requires 27/7 pro-active monitoring of all network traffic so strange patterns and threats can be detected quickly.

There are 5 key things that small businesses should do to protect their network

  • Invest in IT Security professionals
  • Ensure incident response programs are implemented
  • Install IT Security technology that provides deep network analysis and monitoring
  • Ensure solutions integrate smoothly with the current infrastructure
  • Ensure all staff throughout the organisation are aware of security threats

Computrad are specialists in IT Security and all of our solutions are designed to meet the changing online environment.


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