Network Support: The Greater Whole

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

This phrase describes networking perfectly. A network may look like a bunch of machines connected to each other with wires running between them but what it can actually do is far beyond what individual machines and its software can provide. A network enables sharing of data, users groups, security, applications, and other networking operations. JUNOS, Cisco IOS, TIMOS, ZyNOS, ispCumulus Linux, ExtremeXOS are few of the examples of Network Operating Systems.
The types of Network Include:

  •  LAN (Local Area Networking)
  • WLAN (Wireless Local Area Networks)
  • WAN (Wide Area Networks)
  • MAN (Metropolitan Area Networks)
  • CAN (Campus Area Networks)
  • SAN (Storage or System Area Network)
  • PAN (Personal Area Network)
  • Dan (Desk Area Network)

Over the years network has made business, industries small and big overreaching. So what made network so popular and successful? Given below are its functions that will clear your doubts for good.

  • Connectivity and Communication: Users can be connected over geographical areas of limitless boundaries. This makes transmission and communication easier, faster and less expensive.
  • Hardware Sharing: It facilitates the sharing of hardware devices. Meaning one can do the tasks of many.
  • Data Security and Management: Better management of company’s’ critical data with help of shared servers. As astounding as it sounds is allows back up data in case of compromised circumstances and allows implementation of security measures that controls who can read and change critical information.
  • Flexible Access: Networks allow their users to access files from computers throughout the network. This means that a user can begin work on a project on one computer and finish up on another. Multiple users can also collaborate on the same project through the network.
  • Performance Enhancement and Balancing: It can enhance the overall performance of some applications by distributing the computation tasks to various computers on the network.
  • Entertainment: This category makes network popular to all age classes.
  • As you can see network acts on the key comments that make any organization up-and-coming. It allows official tasks to be done within a matter of seconds. If you can think it you can do it. You would not be wrong if you believe that network is the backbone of the boom of development.


  • Centralized servers are more stable.
  • Security is provided through the server.
  • New technology and hardware can be easily integrated into the system.
  • Hardware and the operating system can be specialized, with a focus on performance.
  • Servers are able to be accessed remotely from different locations and types of systems


  • Cost of buying and running a server are high.
  • Dependence on a central location for operation.
  • Requires regular maintenance and updates.
  • And off course the very popular concept and practice of hacking makes networking vulnerable.

With the fast globalization of IT systems and the international mobility of people network systems face rapidly expanding opportunities and challenges. It may seem that the digital world has taken away jobs for many but in reality it has created employments in all sectors and has heightened augmentation alongside.


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