Mobile App Optimisation for eGaming – Why is it so important?

The mobile app gaming industry is booming and survey data published by Gartner Research illustrates that it has grown 600 per cent since 2010. Furthermore, according to data published by Cupertino-based Apple Inc and their Mountain View-based rivals Google Inc, e-gaming apps account for 66% of traffic through their bespoke app stores. Adding to that, out of 2013’s top revenue/sales-based apps, games accounted for 87% of sales on all platforms – including Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Tizen.


According to academic research the reasons for taking a service to the app-based cloud is based on a user-focused optimisation approach that can help companies grow. Researchers at the London School of Economics found that Apple and Android ecosystems allow for a greater access for consumers due to an increase in the potential access to a service or product. The LSE researchers, Eaton, Calderwood and Sorensen, argued that mobile gaming was a solid example – citing a number of operators that have decreased web traffic to their main games website but increased revenue and traffic numbers to online mobile app ecosystems. Finally, Huy and Van Thanh argue that by moving from the traditional web-based approach to app-based mobile services, eGaming operators can use the ‘app’ in the context of stand-alone services. Doing this will help identify and therefore strengthen key services by focusing development and research time on profitable ventures and being similarly able to focus on failure and either close down such projects or work through the issues.

Industry research, conducted by optimisation solutions specialist Radware reports that security and bandwidth are another key element in the success of mobile over traditional platforms. Radware, in 2012, published a survey of 50 Nasdaq corporations using mobile applications and found increased user experiences over traditional web-based access which increased user participation and therefore revenues.

Radware offer an industry-standard platform to help in terms of access and therein increased revenue protection. The Radware FastView product is a Web Performance Optimization Solution which enables faster website and web-based application viewing.

Furthermore, according to Forrester and Cisco who undertook an economic impact study of US-based digital platforms utilising mobile devices; found that 44% of platforms which did not utilise Web Performance Optimisation (WPO) services had increased incidences of network instability and an uptime of 99.7% – as oppose to 99.9% for WPOS-based services. According to Cisco and Forrester, customers using WPOS solutions are also seeing more than 200 per cent return on investment. Furthermore, Symantec Research reports that security of WPOS-based platforms is increased by 33% over non-WPOS-based services. Finally, Gartner, in a survey of 10 eGaming operators in partnership with Isis Research, found that revenue protection was improved by 71.3% when mobile gaming platforms used web optimisation services to increase the incidence of uptime and fluidity of user experiences.

In the United Kingdom, Computrad offers an industry-leading WPO service that can help organisations wanting to improve performance-based optimisation by offering a bespoke solution that can help monetize and retain profitability of key mobile-based services or traditional web-based solutions. Whatever your needs, Computrad’s trusted and experienced project management team can help you find the right solution to your performance optimisation needs. Computrad’s solution can help accelerate performance for fixed and mobile clients, without impacting the quality of the user experienced on different fixed browser ecosystems. Computrad can similarly offer a flexible deployment through on-site legacy hardware or virtual cloud-based alternative services to help increase your web performance.

Computrad believe that bespoke and technical projects, such as WPO deployment, require technical know-how and experience. Computrad are one of the UK’s leading WPO providers for eGaming and can help make the design, deployment and after-care elements of your project as stress-free as possible.

Utilising WPO from Computrad can help you maintain and increase the profitability of your eGaming platform by ensuring your mobile applications are running at the highest efficiency possible. This in turn will increase your revenue per player and decrease player churn rate, two key metrics to monitor when implementing performance optimisations within eGaming.


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