IT Security for Small Businesses – Where should you start?


I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that IT security is an essential factor for your business. In our technology-orientated world any device that’s connected to the internet, as most things are, is vulnerable to hacks and breaches that can be highly detrimental to both the technology used, and to the business as a whole. Continued developments in areas such as BYOD do not make this situation any easier for business either. Threats are continually changing and evolving, becoming more sophisticated and harder to stop, and so without protecting your IT infrastructure, you’re leaving your entire business open to a barrage of attacks which could be potentially disastrous.

Larger businesses will likely have expensive and thorough IT support systems in place to combat any security attacks, and will therefore be able to get back on their feet more quickly, but smaller businesses, however, may find themselves less suited to a breach of security. For these businesses, it can be very difficult to recover from an attack if the essential protocols are not already in place. Small to medium sized businesses often have much tighter margins and resources, meaning that downtime due to security attacks could potentially cripple the business to the point of closure, particularly if an attack renders equipment unusable.

With limited finances available, smaller businesses may be inclined to source the cheapest options possible when it comes to General IT support. Sadly, we all know what happens when you spend peanuts! Some areas of business simply don’t benefit from cutting corners and IT security is one of them. It is vital that IT security is not compromised, as it should be considered one of the most important parts of the IT package. Businesses must treat the process of IT security procurement as they would any other critical service and must first examine their requirements and question exactly what is at risk, before determining what kind of cover is needed and who can provide it.

IT service suppliers offer a variety of different security options, from security focusing on particular areas, to packages covering all aspects of IT safety. These options may depend on the finances available, as well as the nature of the business, as some may be more at risk than others, and some may use IT technologies as a larger part of their business than others.

IT security can appear overwhelming, with terms like DDoS Mitigation, Firewalls and two-factor authentication easily tripping up those not in the know. By making use of IT service providers and their in-depth knowledge of the sector, all the confusion can be avoided, with specialised software taking control of the day-to-day IT maintenance, and highly trained professionals able to assist with any other requirements or problems.

IT is such an essential part of any modern business, and the need for fully formed IT security procedures is greater than ever before. The potential dangers of not covering your businesses IT from security attacks greatly outweighs any financial issues, and not being familiar with the market is not an excuse. In reality, there is no reason not to make your businesses IT services as secure as possible, as it will ensure the safety of your business for years to come.


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