Is It Time to Review Your Business IT?

Do you think an IT audit could improve your company? Would inspection by an IT expert of the technology at the heart of your business help? Maybe your IT support requires a revamp or outsourcing the work would be the best arrangement for your company.

If you are considering bringing in the assistance of an independent IT consultant, make sure you’re getting what you pay for, and expect the following steps to the process:


Understand – a reliable IT consultant will ensure a clear picture of your business, its IT support and how it operates has been painted before setting to work

Investigate – a thorough investigation into your existing IT support will be conducted, which will involve the examination of hardware and software, and advice on any necessary upgrades or changes.

Explore – a proper audit will take an in-depth look at the systems currently in place to back up and store data, handle emails and safeguard your company against malware or virus attacks.

Futureproof – the future of your company could bring about any number of changes that would be best prepared for, so your IT consultant will advise you on the best ways to plan for the long run, and how to ensure the money invested in IT support achieves its potential

Be Specific – every company will have individual issues that need dealing with. A decent IT consultant will navigate these with you and ensure that the most suitable solutions for your situation and budget are applied.

Results – a well-conducted audit should produce a clear and structured way forward for your business. If you elect to follow the advice given by your consultant and deploy any new technologies suggested, ensure you obtain a breakdown of all the requirements and prices. If need be, refer back to your consultant about anything you are not sure of or need assistance with.

Deliver – once completed, your consultant can put your agreed plan into effect. This leaves you free to focus on managing your company, with the peace of mind that the IT your business requires is taken care of.
The idea of auditing your company’s IT systems can seem daunting – a disruption you’d rather do without – so by bringing in the assistance of a consultant, you can break the job down into manageable chunks and leave them in the hands of a professional who can affect positive changes in your systems.

Jake Simpson

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