How Do You Prepare Your Business and its IT systems For the Olympics?

The Olympic Games will bring to London:

  • 10,000 athletes
  • 37,000 members of the press
  • 800,000 spectators per day
  • At 37 venues (27 in London)

All this will be on your doorstep demanding extra products or services which in turn will put extra pressure on your business operations and IT systems.

The Problems

The main issues it is expected to bring include:

  • Absenteeism – This could be caused through holiday requests, sick leave and travel issues.
  • Disrupted Supply Chain – A ridiculous amount of people and traffic are going to hit London, meaning that your normal logistical practices may be restricted, in a way that will affect your productivity.
  • IT Issues – Internet may be slower, key IT staff may be absent and mobile networks may become overloaded.

Any one of these can be a real problem that affects your business, but the Olympics threaten to bring all three at once. So what can you do to prepare for them?

The Solutions

As long as you plan ahead, you should be able to lay out a plan (HR policy) that will help maintain your business despite all these issues. Here are our suggestions:

Absenteeism – Prepare a flexible working policy that allows staff to work from home, to change their schedule if transport is an issue and if possible, create a quota system so that productivity sees a varying degree of change as opposed to a solid dip.

It is important if this is how you plan to go ahead, to provide your staff with appropriate IT facilities, software and training so that they can do their job without any technical issues.

Disrupted Supply Chain – The best advice is to either stock up in advance, or to change your product or services during this period to shift the focus of your business briefly to things that are less affected by your logistics operations.

IT Issues

This is the area in which we can offer the most guidance. It will be vital to have a well managed, optimised IT Infrastructure in place in order to cope with the increased levels of activity brought by this countrywide event.

Right now is the perfect time to outsource your IT operations since one of the busiest business periods ever to hit Britain is just around the corner; and you need your systems to be running at maximum efficiency. A Managed IT Service from Computrad will hold you in good stead for not just the Olympic period, but for the time beyond the games, where your business will be streamlined owing to an IT Infrastructure with zero downtime and pro-active fixes for issues that haven’t even occurred yet.

If you have key IT staff that will be absent you should provide IT support for anyone that is going to be working from home.

Getting in touch with your internet service provider to ensure your service is optimised and will be able to cope during the games should also be a priority.

Hopefully this information should prove helpful as the countdown gets ever closer to the opening ceremony.


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