Five Tips for Managing Business Email

Technological research firm Radicati have revealed that by Q4 of 2019, worldwide email users will reach numbers of over 2.9 billion, and the number of emails they send and receive will see a 5% growth between now and then. When there are so many emails buzzing back and forth every day, it is imperative that businesses remain in a position of control over the email management systems they apply. Here, we offer some advice to get your business through the many common issues people confront.

  • Think About Storage

The ways in which businesses store mass emails are very much worth looking closer at when trying to save money. It is very common for businesses to either scrap old emails, archive them or store them on a cloud or mail server. In spite of the individual benefits of these methods, their suitability is very much relative to the capacity and monthly email outgoings of the business. Allowing old emails to build up will cause inboxes to slow down, costing your business money, but immediately deleting them may prevent you from complying with regulations, so efficient storage management must be sorted.

  • Easy Access

Because maintaining privacy of your sensitive data is of such importance, establishing a standard of email practice should be a priority. For the everyday convenience of employees, you want emails to be easily accessed, but not so easily that it presents you with security risks. So bear convenience and security in mind when selecting an email management solution.

  • Encryption

Don’t make the mistake of thinking only the most private and confidential material is worth encrypting. Cybercriminals find useful data everywhere, so while restricted access is a necessity, a decent email management should encrypt everything to ensure adequate protection. Comprehensive email encryption significantly reduces the risk of leaking or hacking.

  • Have Searchable Archives

Sifting through weeks’ worth of emails is a laborious and time-wasting exercise, and the option of a searchable archive is a quick but highly worthwhile. Particularly in the interest of employees who have to deal with many emails of different kinds every day, like the HR or compliance departments. Save your business time and money by being able to search your archives.

  • Good Management Means Productivity

As we have detailed here, there are many small benefits to the use of email management solutions, all of which add up to a highly beneficial end goal. Statistics by Radicati tell us that we send and receive an average of 122 emails on a daily basis in a business environment, and these take up a portion of our time. So by deploying an effective email management system that is easy to use and manage, you make far more efficient use of your working day.

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