Are you managing your firewall effectively?

Firewalls are one of the most common form of IT security deployed on business networks. You’ll find them in most business security networks, as basic firewalls come as standard with every security software program. However, this does not mean your basic firewall is up to the standard required by your business, as there are so many more options available than just what comes ‘out of the box.’ With the large amounts of valuable data businesses are highly likely to have stored on their network, Managed Firewallthis cannot be an option.
When a professional standard, expertly configured firewall has been set up, it’s no simple piece of software. More often than not, it will need frequent monitoring by a security expert to ensure it is functioning effectively and keeping data secure. Simply put, a firewall takes control over incoming and outgoing network traffic by using a set of rules which have been established by an administrator. With different businesses comes different security needs, and businesses need someone who knows exactly what security rules and standards are required, and how to implement the correct processes that are the best fit for their specific setup. By placing this responsibility on a trained firewall expert, business can be safe in the knowledge that their firewall will be operating at the highest standard. For those with an in-house IT team, the ability to allow them to focus on other areas of the business’s IT network is always going to be beneficial.

Monitoring firewalls can be a pretty hefty job, and IT staff can find themselves bogged down working on the firewall system whilst other tasks are set on the backburner, especially when something goes wrong. This is inevitably very dangerous for the business, allowing IT security to be seriously compromised. Whilst a business’s IT team are clearly going to be experienced and knowledgeable in their sector, there is no point wasting this talent on just one area of their specialism – by letting an IT Security company such as Computrad take control of monitoring the firewall system, it allows the in-house staff to get on with maintaining the rest of the network, and putting their hands-on expertise to proper use.

It’s not just the ability to setup and maintain the firewall that is essential. Anyone who has ever strolled into work on a Monday only to find their computer system going haywire will be familiar with the frustration of repairing the damage, along with the harmful downtime that comes as a result. With 24/7, year round monitoring and support offered by IT Security firms such as Computrad, no one in the business needs to worry that their data might be at risk, regardless of the time of day.
IT service providers are able to provide consultation, planning, design, project management builds and implementation of a business’s firewall system, meaning they will be there all throughout the process, and will be familiar with your business and IT network, allowing you to take your mind off the issue.

It is easy for businesses to become complacent in the fact that they have a firewall system in place, confident that their whole network is secure – however only the highest quality firewall setup possible, along with constant monitoring and maintenance, will ensure the maximum level of safety for your business and data. Bringing in the services of an external firewall expert is the only way to really know your business is safe, and having them continually monitor the system is the best way to ensure it stays that way, whilst your IT team gets on with their daily jobs.

Jake Simpson

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