6 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use VoIP

Many businesses might be familiar with the term VoIP (voice over internet protocol), but a large proportion are likely to harbour outdated perceptions over its place in modern business life. The reality is that this nifty piece of technology can provide flexible, affordable, high quality communications that are benefitting large and small businesses alike, across the globe.

For those who need a quick refresher in how this technology works, VoIP simply channels your phone calls through the internet in the form of data (just like an email). Back in the day it was true that VoIP was far from perfect, there were initial issues with call quality and both recipients needed to be at a computer. Fast forward to 2016 and VoIP has come a long way, placing it firmly at the forefront of business communications for multiple reasons. Here’s our top 6 reasons why we think VoIP is worth considering.

1. It’s far cheaper than traditional phone operators – Because VoIP providers don’t have the steep operating costs that many of traditional phone companies do, this method delivers consistently cheaper communications. Additionally, because businesses are thus able to channel all their data and calls through the internet, there is no need to maintain separate networks for each, resulting in even more savings.

2. It’s high quality (honestly!) – There have been vast improvements in sound quality and now calls can take place with standard phones as well as IP phones.

3. Make and receive calls anytime, anywhere – You are able to achieve results with this technology that simply aren’t possible with a conventional phone. A VoIP system can go anywhere (providing you have access to a broadband connection) so can always stay in touch with customers, suppliers and team members. For teams that are based in different locations, even different countries, this could quickly result in significantly lower call charges.

4. Collate your email, voice and fax messages in one place – Most of us battle with having important messages in various places, so one of the real benefits of VoIP is that you can have everything centralised! It’s possible to get all your voicemails and faxes sent to your regular e-mail inbox. You can even get your emails converted into voicemails. What better way to improve your multi-tasking capabilities?

5. Expand your operations without leaving the area – One of the great things about VoIP is that you can give the impression that the business in based in a different area code, simply by getting a new virtual phone number. It’s a great solution for those businesses that want to establish a local presence in new regions without having to invest in a physical establishment.

6. Enhance your communication ability – Having a single IP network for both your voice and data needs means that you can facilitate new ways of communicating, including video conferencing and a range of innovative call centre applications.

There’s no doubt that VoIP has plenty to offer businesses of all shapes and sizes and whilst there are a variety of off-the-shelf solutions available for smaller businesses, if you have a larger system requirement it would be advisable to call in the experts for specialist advice.

As with most technologies there will always be risks to manage, from ensuring your network is secure to building in a back up plan for communications should a power cut take your VoIP temporarily out of action. But these risks are entirely manageable with the right specialist advice and the benefits really do suggest that VoIP is a service that many more businesses could take advantage of.

Jake Simpson

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