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Citrix Xenserver

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Citrix XenServer is the only enterprice-class, cloud proven server virtualisation platform that delivers centralised multi-sever management and live migration at no extra cost. XenServer is a powerful server virtualisation solution that transforms static and complex data centers into easier to manage IT service delivery centers.

Citrix XenServer in London
Citrix XenServer in London

Citrix XenServer Features and Benefits

Citrix XenServer is widely regarded as the fastest and most secure virtualisation software in the industry. At around 50,000 lines of code the Xen Hypervisor is exceptionally lean providing near native performance.

Setup is quick and easy, and the unique XenServer management architecture eliminates any single points of failure. With advanced functions such as snapshotting, cloning, replication and more the XenServer means you will not need to deploy and manage an entireley new set of tools.

XenMotion allows you to maintain your physical hardware during business hours with its live migration functionality. With XenMotion you can migrate virtual machines to other hardware with zero downtime.

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