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Citrix Netscaler MPX

High-performance Web Application Delivery Solutions

Citrix NetScaler MPX range of appliances have been built on the most advanced system architecture ever. Offering up-to eight CPU cores and 32GB of memory the MPX range of Citrix NetScalers dramatically reduce the cost of delivering applications.

The MPX-series comes with a number of 10GE fiber ports meaning its perfect for use in large datacenters using the most advanced infrastructures.

There are 2 models in the Citrix NetScaler MPX range, MPX-15000 and the MPX-17000 which both support all 3 NetScaler software editions.

Citrix NetScaler MPX

Feature Concurrency

The NetScaler MPX supports complex policies leveraging multiple NetScaler functions by making use of four and eight core system designs. Unlike the NetScaler's competing appliances, the Citrix NetScaler can maintain its high performance levels with little or no impact on overall performance.

Citrix NetScaler 9 in London
Citrix NetScaler 9 in London
Citrix NetScaler 9 in London
  • Leading L4 and L7 performance of 15+ Gbps throughput at both Layer 4 and Layer 7
  • Maximum feature concurrency — Supports complex polices using compression, content switching, application firewall and more — at very high performance levels
  • Accelerates application response — Provides advanced compression, TCP optimization, static and dynamic caching to speed application performance by up to 5x or more
  • Integrates application security — Proven application firewall blocks attacks against web applications
  • Improves datacenter efficiency — Accelerates compute-intensive TCP connection set-up and teardown operations, as well as SSL key generation and bulk encryption to increase server efficiency

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