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Citrix Netscaler 9

NetScaler 9 radically improves efficiency and lowers TCO

Web applications are becoming ever more complex, and thanks to their inefficient use of network and server resource, most companies now waste around 50 per cent of the cost of running them.

Administrators need expert, in-depth knowledge of each application’s particular inefficiencies, and as those inefficiencies aren’t just unique to each application, but also highly complex and ever-evolving, minimising the unnecessary expense can be near-impossible.

NetScaler 9, however, does just that. It uses the most advanced optimization technology in the industry, automatically recommending the optimum configuration for each application and enabling IT teams to access powerful acceleration, server offload and security functions, saving time and relieving the need for exhaustive knowledge of applications.

NetScaler 9 can reduce the cost of running enterprise web applications by up to 50 percent –delivering applications like Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Oracle E-Business Suite and SAP solutions without requiring any staff to become application experts.

Citrix NetScaler 9 in London
Citrix NetScaler 9 in London

Product Editions

  • NetScaler Standard Edition delivers 100% application availability with comprehensive L4-7 load balancing and optimizes expensive server and network resources to reduce costs
  • NetScaler Enterprise Edition is a powerful Web application delivery solution providing advanced traffic management and powerful application acceleration to provide the best application experience for users
  • NetScaler Platinum Edition is the industry’s most powerful Web application delivery solution and is designed to deliver mission-critical applications with the best web application firewall security, fastest performance and lowest cost
Citrix NetScaler 9 in London

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