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Citrix Access Gateway

Easy and secure application access from anywhere with access gateway

Giving you a central control point and your users with remote access from anywhere, Citrix Access Gateway is the first ever SSL VPN that provides secure virtual desktops and applications and easy access to files, emails and other resources no matter what the user’s location.

Access Gateway allows you to manage access control and set policies with SmartAccess technology, based on either a user’s ID or the device they’re using.

Citrix Access Gateway in London
Citrix Access Gateway in London

Standard edition

Citrix Access Gateway Standard Edition uses standards-based SSL and a user-friendly web-based client to secure your network’s traffic – all at a cost-effective price.

Advanced edition

For enterprises with more users and more devices, Citrix Access Gateway Advanced Edition lets you control the actions available to users at a granular level and ensure application security and data protection for files, web content, email attachments and printing.

With its easy to manage application and access control policies, Citrix Access Gateway Advanced Edition provides innovative application security and usability.

Enterprise edition

Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise Edition is the premier Citrix SSL VPN security solution, designed to meet the most demanding needs. Access Gateway Enterprise Edition enables you to reduce the cost of secure remote access while improving user performance.

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