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Optimise Engineering BCAD Delivery

Our client is a global provider of “engineered solutions,” serving the RF and wireless communications, industrial power conversion, security and display systems markets. The Company delivers engineered solutions for its customers’ needs through product manufacturing, systems integration, prototype design and manufacture, testing and logistics.


Imaging applications, Citrix, SAP, Exchange, enterprise traffic.

The Challenges

With worldwide presence in 44 countries, our client has an extensive network that supports delivery of customized solutions for its customers through product development and manufacturing. As a result, our client needed to boost its Wide Area Network (WAN) capacity in order to respond to customers’ changing demands quickly and efficiently.

The company wanted to find a way that could maximize its existing WAN investments without over-hauling its entire data infrastructure. According to the Director of Communications and Information Systems Operations, “It would have been too expensive and time-consuming to upgrade or overhaul our data communication facilities to accommodate our increasing bandwidth needs.”

Computrad and Engineering in London
Computrad and Engineering in London

Optimise Engineering BCAD Delivery

After careful evaluation and extensive testing, our client deployed Computrad’s (BCAD) Business Critical Application Delivery solution at numerous locations in its international managed frame relay networks. These deployments instantly tripled the amount of available recourses on the client’s networks and enabled them to save significantly on recurring telco costs. The Computrad solutions we designed to offer organizations a comprehensive solution to improve data transmissions for diverse protocols and all applications in a single device.

The Results

The Computrad service was quick to deploy and provided our client with immediate benefits – the company experienced an instant bandwidth increase of up to three times on its existing links.

Organizations are constantly challenged to optimize existing network investments without having to spend scarce resources on bandwidth upgrades to ensure their critical business applications operate efficiently. The Computrad solution provide organizations with a proven solution, by consistently ensuring tangible benefits in the form of actual cost savings and measurable performance improvements, regardless of the industry, network and application type they work on.

The Computrad service is a modular and scalable ‘pay-as-you-grow’ functionality. This option allows customers the flexibility to make incremental investments in improving network performance without having to incur unnecessary upfront costs.

Computrad’s solutions are designed to be a strategic and scalable solution that can be applied in any network environment.

Computrad and Engineering in London

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