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Computrad and Energy Providers in London

Computrad and Energy Providers

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Among the largest and most global companies in existence, energy companies, oil & gas exploration companies, and downstream production and distribution companies rely on information to compete.

The search for reliable and affordable energy takes these firms to the ends of the earth and the oceans' depths. Needless to say, providing high-performance connectivity to oil rigs, ships, and extremely remote sites can be a huge challenge.

A host of the world's largest oil companies have deployed Computrad’s Managed services solution to improve their applications and connectivity to their most hostile and remote locations. One example is a global firm headquartered in Texas with very active exploration activities in Angola, off the Eastern coast of Africa. Connecting oil rigs can really only be done via satellite hookups, which means round trip latencies approaching a full second, or 1,000 ms. This company needed much higher performance connections to their rigs so that they could share information more effectively, reduce the need to buy more satellite bandwidth, and roll out applications worldwide in a standardized way.

With extremely high latencies like that, deploying common applications like Microsoft Office and Exchange, or other applications like FTP and web-based applications is very challenging. The company tested several leading vendors of compression and caching technologies, as well as Computrad’s solutions. In test after test, Computrad provided performance levels – both for bandwidth savings and application performance – that far exceeded those of other vendors. The throughput improvements measured over their satellite links were up to 70 times higher than without Steelhead appliances deployed.

Computrad and Energy Providers in London

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