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Computrad and Banking Organisations in London

Computrad and Banking Organisations

Optimise Banking BCAD Delivery

Computrad Replicate Banking Data 6 times faster


  • Banking

Key Challenges

  • Backup 2000 employee’s data over the WAN on a daily basis
  • Maximize performance while maintaining security


  • Computrad Managed Optimization services


  • Cost Saving $23,000.00 per month
  • 6x response time improvement
  • 20x throughput improvement
  • All private data securely transmitted with no performance decrease


Our Client is a large global finance firms with Head Quarters based in the Cayman islands, With 2,000 employees throughout the world also including the Australia divisional offices, The Client serves more than 1 million customers and administers approximately $27 billion in assets worldwide. With the spate of regulatory mandates that today’s organizations must deal with, ensuring compliance is a critical IT concern. Within the United Kingdom, The client deals with the records of one million employees in corporate, healthcare and education industries, making it accountable to regulations such as HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, and more. In order to maintain compliance, The Client must replicate the data of all one million employees whose information they handle on a daily basis – but it must be replicated to a remote location in Ireland over the WAN.

Computrad and Banking Organisations in London
Computrad and Banking Organisations in London


Anytime data is sent long distances over the WAN, it is susceptible to issues such as latency, TCP segmentation, IP fragmentation, and related network and application factors that negatively impact the delivery of the data. The Client needed to replicate all employee data between their Cayman Island and Ireland data centres. But with this amount of data travelling over such a long WAN link, performance degradation and network exhaustion were inevitable.

As a Financial institution, we have a responsibility to backup this information on a daily basis to ensure the highest level of availability for our clients,” said the Chief Information Officer. “With a growing participant base that already exceeds one million, we needed a solution that could ensure we were getting the most out of our existing bandwidth while still providing full encryption.


Rather than throw money away on retooling the infrastructure and adding expensive additional bandwidth, The Client decided to explore technologies that would enable them to maximize their existing application systems and network connections. The Client began evaluating multiple single-function WAN optimization and application acceleration solutions, but none had the right combination of functionality to ensure optimization of their existing T3 lines while also providing the compression and encryption needed to ensure maximum network and application performance.

While packet-level products that feature compression and traffic shaping address the bandwidth issue, they do not address WAN latency and application performance. Computrad was the only consultancy firm with the experience and expertise that provided us with a full end to end solution, with its innovative Architecture Computrad solved the WAN latency problem and accelerates application performance. By attacking the problem at the session layer (layer 7) of the OSI reference model, Computrad’s solution demonstrated full application knowledge and network awareness.

As a result, Computrad’s solution provides maximum application acceleration and the highest levels of data reduction and network efficiency. After evaluating competitive solutions, the client deployed Computrad’s fully managed application optimization solution because it was the only solution that combined the best aspects of WAN optimization, application acceleration, and encryption in one secure platform.

Computrad and Banking Organisations in London
Computrad and Banking Organisations in London


Computrad Deployed BCAD in the company’s data centres and provides the application acceleration and WAN optimization capabilities necessary to maximize throughput over the WAN. At the same time, Computrad enabled The Client to send the data fully encrypted without using expensive CPU cycles on UNIX servers. The seamless integration of Computrad’s solution into the existing infrastructure enabled The client to experience immediate performance benefits. After the initial deployment the client was able to reduce the time it took to replicate 9 Gigabytes of data from 7 hours down to 21 minutes, and were able to reduce bandwidth consumption from 10 megabits per second to 2 megabits per second. As a result, 9 gigabytes of data now appears less than 512 kilobytes on the WAN Link, thus reducing the amount of data sent by 20X while simultaneously improving application performance.

Computrad was the only solution that combined the WAN and application technologies we needed to ensure the absolute highest level of performance over the WAN. Not only is our network performance improved, but we now have the capability to continue to grow our customer base without having to purchase additional bandwidth in order to handle their records.” CIO

Computrad plays a key role in the technology backbone for Business Continuity Preparedness Plan, which guarantees customers the highest level of uninterrupted service and support. In addition to saving a substantial dollar amount per year in WAN service costs, the Computrad platform enables them to reap full value from its critical applications delivered over the WAN by providing predictable, reliable response times.

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