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Engineering Firm Partnership in London

Engineering Firm Partnership

Engineering Firm grows by Partnering with Computrad


  • Engineering


  • Rapid growth
  • Need to collaborate between offices
  • Inability to effectively share large design files


  • Computrad LLC Application Delivery


  • Bandwidth increased by 230 percent
  • Improved collaboration yields increased competitiveness
  • Reduced travel costs
  • Up to $5,000 monthly productivity savings
  • Ability to move forward with stalled projects


One of Computrad’s largest clients is a fast-growing engineering firm whose far-flung employees need to combine talent to take on complex projects. However, exchanging large design files over the wide-area network was so excruciatingly slow that it was easier to fly people around the country to collaborate on projects. Since using Computrad’s managed application optimization services, employees have been able to swap files with ease, and the client has significantly reduced travel costs. The company’s bandwidth has skyrocketed 230 percent, enabling staff to move forward with backlogged efficiency projects.

Engineering Firm Partnership in London
Engineering Firm Partnership in London


Computrad’s client is a leading engineering consulting firm with expertise in structural, civil, and transportation engineering and environmental services. Founded in 1964, the client has approximately 1348 employees located in eight offices, in Florida, London, Munich, Berlin, Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Hong Kong and Sydney.

The company’s great success had led to rapid growth and a subsequent strain on the company’s Wide Area Network (WAN). All applications are housed in the central London data center, with all Internet traffic routed over T1 lines through a London-based proxy server. “We have many different specialties and divisions and don’t always have all the needed resources for a job in one office,” explains the client “We have a lot of collaboration going on between offices, but our network bandwidth was a roadblock.” Designers would send huge binary design files ranging in size from 10 megabytes (MB) to 5 Gig over the WAN. “Trying to open these files over the WAN was terrible, but making changes was even worse, Changes involved such lengthy delays that an iterative process that normally took two to three hours would take an entire day. It was easier to just fly the person to the other office for a couple of weeks to do the work.”However, travel costs mounted, as did employee frustration at being away from home and leaving behind other projects in their home office. “We wanted to empower our users to work remotely in a way that was cost-effective and would support a centralized data strategy,”


The IT staff realized that it had two options for improving its WAN bandwidth: purchase application acceleration appliances or increase the bandwidth in each branch office. “Adding new T1 lines would provide exponential cost increases that would never go away, So set about evaluating acceleration appliances from three vendors. In the end, the company selected Computrad’s Managed Application Optimization solution because Computrad Understand WAN networks and used a number of Manufacturers to best deliver to solution. Computrad prioritizes and accelerates applications in a protocol independent manner, which allows the client to accelerate targeted applications. As a result of using best of breed and only what will deliver the best results the Computrad solution cost about $70,000 less that investing into any one vendor that might not deliver across board best results. Computrad deployment and installing the appliances in all the branch offices. “Computrad offer a much friendlier and more customer facing attitude than the Vendors and helped us with pre-planning, installation, and operational readiness,” The client says. “Once we were satisfied that it would meet our needs, the implementation was rapid.”

Engineering Firm Partnership in London
Engineering Firm Partnership in London


Since deploying the Computrad solution in to the network, the client has watched its WAN bandwidth jump a whopping 230 percent. With employees able to effectively collaborate on engineering drawings over the WAN. The client has been able to reduce travel costs significantly and save between $8,000 and $12,000 each month in employee time.

Bandwidth Increased by 230 Percent

After deploying the Computrad solution the client realized a 230 percent improvement in WAN bandwidth. Once all seven offices were installed, the company expects to see even more dramatic improvements. “When employees make changes to large files across the network, the delay is barely perceptible; it’s almost like working on them locally.

Improved Collaboration Yields Increased Competitiveness

With employees now able to collaborate so much more easily, the company has been able to take on jobs that leverage the resources and skills in multiple offices. “Having partnered with Computrad LLC has definitely increased our competitiveness, because we’re able to more easily take on jobs that require the talents of staff in multiple offices.

Engineering Firm Partnership in London
Engineering Firm Partnership in London

Reduced Travel Costs

The client now no longer needs to fly people from office to office for weeks at a time to complete projects. Each such trip between London and Dubai—the company’s newest office—cost approximately $5,700. Eliminating most of these trips has significantly reduced travel costs. “An important related benefit is increased employee satisfaction at being able to stay home rather than living out of a hotel for weeks at a time,”

$8,000 to $12,000-per-month Productivity Savings

The client has realized a significant return on investment. “We estimate that our employees are saving 8 to 10 hours per week due to the productivity improvements delivered by Computrad. “That time is valued at $8,000 to $12,000 per month to us; that’s time that employees can devote to solving problems and creating solutions rather than waiting on the network to respond.”

Ability to Move Forward with Stalled Projects

With network bandwidth unclogged, the client has been able to proceed with stalled projects such as centralizing its tape backups and implementing data replication. “We put off implementing these other efficiency projects for fear of worsening our bandwidth issues,” “But working with Computrad has empowered us to move forward with these additional efficiency initiatives that will make our company more secure and effective.”

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